Full Stash Disclosure…

February 28, 2007 at 1:46 am (Uncategorized)


This is it….this is my stash. Not that long ago….it was scattered to the four corners of the garage…in different boxes…not grouped together in any way…and a big part of it was in a big ol’ ugly tangle. I spent an entire Saturday last month reclaiming it…untangling it …and making those hard decisions about tossing stuff. It’s much more pleasant to deal with now. WIP/UFO


These socks were started about ……mmmm …. two years ago. The yarn is “Lagoon” from Over The Rainbow yarns on Ebay. I moved and they got stuffed into a box and that was that. Besides that I was sort of reluctant to pick them up again because I mucked up the toe on the finished sock. When I grafted it….I did something wrong and there is a seam on the outside of the toe. I know it needs to be picked out and repaired….but I haven’t forged the courage for that yet. When I picked them up today the heel flap had just barely been begun. Now, after a day at home sick, the heel flap is done and I’m almost through the gusset and onto the foot….

 Lastly, we have a tiny bit of stash enhancement. I’m on a necessary stash diet because of financial issues and hey, obviously I have enough yarn to be knitting with *blush*. However, I received a gift certificate to a local yarn store and I have to say, I enjoyed my little trip there immensely. I was looking for Koigu sock yarn…but they had all of 9 skeins and none of the colors grabbed me. Likewise, they don’t appear to be carrying Lorna’s Laces anymore….so I turned my attention to the Noro. Below you’ll see enough Noro and Lamb’s Pride worsted to make a baby genius scarf ala Mason Dixon. Happy Birthday to me!



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February 25, 2007 at 3:36 pm (Uncategorized)

Mason Dixon Knitting Baby KimonoFeather and Fan table scarf

I’m apparently much more techno impaired than I could have dreamed. It’s taken me an hour to figure out how to get the pics from the camera to the ‘puter, and then we won’t talk about how long it’s taking to figure out how to have the picture not be gigantic… oy.

Above, if this works at ally, you see the baby kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting….just needs the ties and the feather and fan bedside table scarf….and that’s all my poor brain can do with this picture thing for today.

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All Work And No Play….

February 24, 2007 at 12:40 pm (Uncategorized)

Yep, it’s been hella exciting here…work, work, and oh yeah….work. Being a grownup sucks sometimes.

 I am fully aware that there are women out there who work more than one job. Some work more than one job and do a lot of other stuff too…..and manage to do it all while still providing clean socks for the kids, homemade meals, and romantic interludes with the spouse. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them.

Pictures? Camera? Yeah, yeah. Here’s the deal…my ‘puter has been messed up for a while…but I baby it along okay. Till midweek, some child clicked on something….and we had viruses. Not “a” virus….but many. Lots of swearing and purchasing of Ad-Protect v6.3 made it all better. So then….the camera batteries died and well, there you have it. Going to play with that this a.m., this getting-the-picture-out-of-the-camera-and-into-the-‘puter thing.

 Meanwhile, yes ~ as a matter of fact, there has been quite a bit of knitting and dare I say it? A bit of finishing too. Which actually brings me back to the photo thing….Realizing I don’t know how to mattress stitch, which never bothered me before, now reminds me that when I post pics of my little ventures y’all will see the crappy seam job I do makes me blush a bit. See…I’m not around knitters. Don’t know hardly any in real life…the few I do know, I taught to knit, lol. So, I seam away and the “muggles” as the Harlot so fondly calls them, don’t know my seams are ugly and crooked. But…the few of you who read this here blog….you DO knit. I’m realizing I’ll probably have to bite the bullet and learn to do it “right” so as to save face.

 Wordy, this a.m., aren’t I?

 Finished:  Bedside table scarf, feather and fan, made from very pretty Red Heart that I could not WAIT to finish, lol. Funnily, when finished and placed on Jodie’s nightstand, she was oh so sweet about “I don’t want to ruin it…what if I spill soda on it??” Heh, this is Red Heart baby….Two thousand years from now…when it is carefully unearthed by future archeologists, it will still be in pristine condition… She seemed most reassured.

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Self Discipline

February 16, 2007 at 1:33 pm (Uncategorized)

I am a procrastinator ~ an excellent procrastinator. It’s not something I like about myself…in fact, it’s something I’ve tried to change many times throughout my life.

 Without much success, I could add.

I’m a sloppy housekeeper. I avoid my bills until I get the shut off notice. I start and abandon projects with insane speed. I don’t pick up after myself very well.

 A quote from a woman I admire has been hovering around inside my brain since I first read it close a few months ago. It hit me between the eyes…but since I’m a procrastinator…it’s taken me awhile to do anything about it.

“Which do you prefer? The pain of self discipline or the pain of regret?”

 Ouch. That’s me. In avoiding the pain of self discipline….I’ve experienced a lot of pain of regret. 

One of the first efforts I’ve made on the road to self discipline was cleaning up my yarn mess….and take my word, it was a BIG mess. Then it was to decide to finish the abandoned projects I really did want to finish, frog or throw out the rest, and stop buying yarn until I have worked through some of the projects and a lot of the yarn.

To that end, when I finished a ball of Lion Cotton yesterday after a Mason-Dixon Bib O’ Love and a dish cloth and part of a baby kimono….I felt incredibly satisfied. I know, I know…one ball of dish cotton. But it’s gone now…and I have finished projects to show for it.

and there was no pain of regret.

 So, I know, you might be wondering where the pictures from the new camera are???

Still in the camera. Not so much from procrastination, but from life. Working 40+ hours, taught two dance classes, a troupe rehersal night, and had FOUR private students ~ one each night this week. Spare time? What’s that? Oh that’s right…that’s where I sleep…..

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Stash enhancement….

February 10, 2007 at 11:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Well….not stash in the yarn sense. I treated myself to two new toys. The first, Mason-Dixon Knitting, is old news to most of the knit blog world, but not to me. It came out about the time my life went crazy and blogging stopped happening for me as did the majority of knitting.

 I had a bit of extra cash…and promptly took myself to B&N for the book. I’ve already cast on for the baby kimono and made it through the increases for the sleeves. It really is a quick knit, no lie. The rest of the book is great for inspiration and ideas, just what I need when I’m trying to work on stash only for awhile.

 The other new toy means that soon, very soon, I can say something I’ve never said when blogging:

“Picture-heavy post dear readers!” Yup, it’s this….I just have to figure out how to use the durned thing and then how to get the pictures out of it and onto the computer. Most likely that will be a job for Ms. Jodie, who is much more tech savvy than I.

 Tonight, my beginner and int/advanced bellydance classes are combining to perform in a local showcase of dance studios in the area…24 performances of jazz, tap, bellydance, tai chi and more. It’s a great show and hey, I’ll have pictures!

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Well, what did I expect??

February 6, 2007 at 1:31 pm (Uncategorized)

So, I had these grand plans for a digital camera with my federal tax refund. I wasn’t getting much back…but it was enough for a low-mid range digital. 

 It’s still coming…but in the ways of government….later than I thought. See…I owed back State taxes. I made some payments and when my refund came, I knew they would take the balance of what I owed. No biggie, I’d have enough for the camera and the back taxes would be paid….it’s all good.

 Of course it isn’t. The $700+ I’ve paid “hasn’t been posted yet” in the words of the State Tax Lady. Excuse me? The check has sure been cashed….ahem, JANUARY 19!! But it hasn’t been “posted”?

 This just sooo fits the way my life goes, lol. But, sooner or later they will issue a refund for my “overpayment” ~ with an empasis on later I’m sure.

In the meantime…I’m working on Faina when I have alone time and lots of little stash busters when it’s too hectic here to work on Faina. Finished a Bib O’ Love ala Mason-Dixon yesterday….Fun, quick knit it was too.  Borrowed the book from a friend and I think I’ll have to put it on my list I liked it so much.

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A little of this…and a little of that

February 2, 2007 at 6:44 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m having fun checking in on all my old favorite blogs…Seeing what folks have been up to since I fell off the earth. Over at Mossy Cottage Knits, The Mysterious K has been lured into the fiber world…. and spins! Very cool….I think that would be a perfect complement to their partnership…a spinner who doesn’t knit and a knitter who doesn’t spin. How perfect is that?? Hmm, wonder if I could talk Jodie into spinning….

 Norma has taken up a cool new job…translating for deaf/hearing impaired students at a local University. I could love being a full time student and this sounds very cool to me…work and learn lots of cool stuff – without the homework!

 Marie got a new job AND has been making more stunning jewelry. She made me some wonderful beaded stitch marker and a bracelet when we met in person way back in 2004…wow, that seems like a really long time ago Marie!

 Ms Bron continues to churn out finished objects like a well-oiled machine…woman, I don’t know how you do it! You are the most prolific knitter/crocheter..and I can’t wait to see what you do with the aprons you’re beginning!

 Chris now has two charming black kitties. I’m becoming quite enamored of Ms M…what a cutie!

 There are plenty more I’ve been lurking around on…but that’s all I’ll list for today.

 Knitting Content:

I’ve ressurected Faina. Discovered the error of the dread row 58 or 60 or whatever it was, fixed it, and now I’m on the 2nd of three repeats for the body of the scarf.

I’m knitting solely from stash…which I have, ahem, a LOT of…so for my carry along knitting, I have a Feather and Fan style placemat on the needles out of *ugh* a very pretty Red Heart. The colors are blue and purple and green with a tad pink and yellow thrown in…but the texture of RH….ick. It will make great placemats tho…and knock out a bit of stash.

As soon as Faina is done, I’m picking the socks on two needles back up…one is done, the other has about 2-3 inches of the leg done. I’ve royally mucked up the cast off of the toe on the finished one…there’s a yucky seam-like ridge on the outside. It must go. I’ll admit some abject terror at the idea of ripping out that bit and redoing. Here’s hoping it will be easier than I’ve made it in my mind…

 Hopefully, if all things work together, the next time I post I’ll have pictures! My tax refund, such as it is, is being deposited in the next day or two. While I have about a million places it could go….It’s barely $200. I’ve been scrimping and saving to survive lately and I’m splurging on a digital camera. Nothing fancy, but hopefully it will at least allow me to post pics both here and on my tribe site for bellydance, which if you’ve nothing better to do, you can visit here: Sahara’s Tribe Page

 For what it’s worth, to those of you who wondered about me, I’m sorry I fell off the earth like that. I could go on and depressingly on about all that happened, but I’d rather not. I’m alive and kicking and blogging again. Good enough.

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Back among the blogging….

February 1, 2007 at 8:54 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ll be publishing a real post soon….meanwhile, welcome to the new Sahara Knits!

 I’m still knitting…still bellydancing…still the parent of four Drama Queens.

 Check back soon!

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