A little of this…and a little of that

February 2, 2007 at 6:44 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m having fun checking in on all my old favorite blogs…Seeing what folks have been up to since I fell off the earth. Over at Mossy Cottage Knits, The Mysterious K has been lured into the fiber world…. and spins! Very cool….I think that would be a perfect complement to their partnership…a spinner who doesn’t knit and a knitter who doesn’t spin. How perfect is that?? Hmm, wonder if I could talk Jodie into spinning….

 Norma has taken up a cool new job…translating for deaf/hearing impaired students at a local University. I could love being a full time student and this sounds very cool to me…work and learn lots of cool stuff – without the homework!

 Marie got a new job AND has been making more stunning jewelry. She made me some wonderful beaded stitch marker and a bracelet when we met in person way back in 2004…wow, that seems like a really long time ago Marie!

 Ms Bron continues to churn out finished objects like a well-oiled machine…woman, I don’t know how you do it! You are the most prolific knitter/crocheter..and I can’t wait to see what you do with the aprons you’re beginning!

 Chris now has two charming black kitties. I’m becoming quite enamored of Ms M…what a cutie!

 There are plenty more I’ve been lurking around on…but that’s all I’ll list for today.

 Knitting Content:

I’ve ressurected Faina. Discovered the error of the dread row 58 or 60 or whatever it was, fixed it, and now I’m on the 2nd of three repeats for the body of the scarf.

I’m knitting solely from stash…which I have, ahem, a LOT of…so for my carry along knitting, I have a Feather and Fan style placemat on the needles out of *ugh* a very pretty Red Heart. The colors are blue and purple and green with a tad pink and yellow thrown in…but the texture of RH….ick. It will make great placemats tho…and knock out a bit of stash.

As soon as Faina is done, I’m picking the socks on two needles back up…one is done, the other has about 2-3 inches of the leg done. I’ve royally mucked up the cast off of the toe on the finished one…there’s a yucky seam-like ridge on the outside. It must go. I’ll admit some abject terror at the idea of ripping out that bit and redoing. Here’s hoping it will be easier than I’ve made it in my mind…

 Hopefully, if all things work together, the next time I post I’ll have pictures! My tax refund, such as it is, is being deposited in the next day or two. While I have about a million places it could go….It’s barely $200. I’ve been scrimping and saving to survive lately and I’m splurging on a digital camera. Nothing fancy, but hopefully it will at least allow me to post pics both here and on my tribe site for bellydance, which if you’ve nothing better to do, you can visit here: Sahara’s Tribe Page

 For what it’s worth, to those of you who wondered about me, I’m sorry I fell off the earth like that. I could go on and depressingly on about all that happened, but I’d rather not. I’m alive and kicking and blogging again. Good enough.



  1. Robbyn said,

    Hey Lisa 🙂 Nice to see you back amongst the blogging – and your new digs are *really* pretty.

    Red Heart does have it’s place – and for something like a place mat – which is going to be washed and dried rigorously and often – it’s perfect!

    Really nice to see you again!

  2. Norma said,

    Well, hellOOOO! Nice new digs you have here! Welcome back, Lisa!

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