Self Discipline

February 16, 2007 at 1:33 pm (Uncategorized)

I am a procrastinator ~ an excellent procrastinator. It’s not something I like about myself…in fact, it’s something I’ve tried to change many times throughout my life.

 Without much success, I could add.

I’m a sloppy housekeeper. I avoid my bills until I get the shut off notice. I start and abandon projects with insane speed. I don’t pick up after myself very well.

 A quote from a woman I admire has been hovering around inside my brain since I first read it close a few months ago. It hit me between the eyes…but since I’m a procrastinator…it’s taken me awhile to do anything about it.

“Which do you prefer? The pain of self discipline or the pain of regret?”

 Ouch. That’s me. In avoiding the pain of self discipline….I’ve experienced a lot of pain of regret. 

One of the first efforts I’ve made on the road to self discipline was cleaning up my yarn mess….and take my word, it was a BIG mess. Then it was to decide to finish the abandoned projects I really did want to finish, frog or throw out the rest, and stop buying yarn until I have worked through some of the projects and a lot of the yarn.

To that end, when I finished a ball of Lion Cotton yesterday after a Mason-Dixon Bib O’ Love and a dish cloth and part of a baby kimono….I felt incredibly satisfied. I know, I know…one ball of dish cotton. But it’s gone now…and I have finished projects to show for it.

and there was no pain of regret.

 So, I know, you might be wondering where the pictures from the new camera are???

Still in the camera. Not so much from procrastination, but from life. Working 40+ hours, taught two dance classes, a troupe rehersal night, and had FOUR private students ~ one each night this week. Spare time? What’s that? Oh that’s right…that’s where I sleep…..


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  1. Robbyn said,

    I procrastinate too but I’m pleased to say I’ve gotten better at getting things done as I’ve gotten older. Still, my laundry (and the human sized dust bunnies under the bed) would tell you otherwise!

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