All Work And No Play….

February 24, 2007 at 12:40 pm (Uncategorized)

Yep, it’s been hella exciting here…work, work, and oh yeah….work. Being a grownup sucks sometimes.

 I am fully aware that there are women out there who work more than one job. Some work more than one job and do a lot of other stuff too…..and manage to do it all while still providing clean socks for the kids, homemade meals, and romantic interludes with the spouse. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them.

Pictures? Camera? Yeah, yeah. Here’s the deal…my ‘puter has been messed up for a while…but I baby it along okay. Till midweek, some child clicked on something….and we had viruses. Not “a” virus….but many. Lots of swearing and purchasing of Ad-Protect v6.3 made it all better. So then….the camera batteries died and well, there you have it. Going to play with that this a.m., this getting-the-picture-out-of-the-camera-and-into-the-‘puter thing.

 Meanwhile, yes ~ as a matter of fact, there has been quite a bit of knitting and dare I say it? A bit of finishing too. Which actually brings me back to the photo thing….Realizing I don’t know how to mattress stitch, which never bothered me before, now reminds me that when I post pics of my little ventures y’all will see the crappy seam job I do makes me blush a bit. See…I’m not around knitters. Don’t know hardly any in real life…the few I do know, I taught to knit, lol. So, I seam away and the “muggles” as the Harlot so fondly calls them, don’t know my seams are ugly and crooked. But…the few of you who read this here blog….you DO knit. I’m realizing I’ll probably have to bite the bullet and learn to do it “right” so as to save face.

 Wordy, this a.m., aren’t I?

 Finished:  Bedside table scarf, feather and fan, made from very pretty Red Heart that I could not WAIT to finish, lol. Funnily, when finished and placed on Jodie’s nightstand, she was oh so sweet about “I don’t want to ruin it…what if I spill soda on it??” Heh, this is Red Heart baby….Two thousand years from now…when it is carefully unearthed by future archeologists, it will still be in pristine condition… She seemed most reassured.


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