Full Stash Disclosure…

February 28, 2007 at 1:46 am (Uncategorized)


This is it….this is my stash. Not that long ago….it was scattered to the four corners of the garage…in different boxes…not grouped together in any way…and a big part of it was in a big ol’ ugly tangle. I spent an entire Saturday last month reclaiming it…untangling it …and making those hard decisions about tossing stuff. It’s much more pleasant to deal with now. WIP/UFO


These socks were started about ……mmmm …. two years ago. The yarn is “Lagoon” from Over The Rainbow yarns on Ebay. I moved and they got stuffed into a box and that was that. Besides that I was sort of reluctant to pick them up again because I mucked up the toe on the finished sock. When I grafted it….I did something wrong and there is a seam on the outside of the toe. I know it needs to be picked out and repaired….but I haven’t forged the courage for that yet. When I picked them up today the heel flap had just barely been begun. Now, after a day at home sick, the heel flap is done and I’m almost through the gusset and onto the foot….

 Lastly, we have a tiny bit of stash enhancement. I’m on a necessary stash diet because of financial issues and hey, obviously I have enough yarn to be knitting with *blush*. However, I received a gift certificate to a local yarn store and I have to say, I enjoyed my little trip there immensely. I was looking for Koigu sock yarn…but they had all of 9 skeins and none of the colors grabbed me. Likewise, they don’t appear to be carrying Lorna’s Laces anymore….so I turned my attention to the Noro. Below you’ll see enough Noro and Lamb’s Pride worsted to make a baby genius scarf ala Mason Dixon. Happy Birthday to me!



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  1. margene said,

    It’s good to see you back! I wondered just a couple of days ago where you had gone.

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