Nonbloggers don’t get it

March 1, 2007 at 8:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Jodie peeked in on the blog the other day. She is not a regular reader, for the most part because her office Internet has been down for awhile. The fact that she works for a software company makes this particularly amusing, not to mention annoying. Long story short, they installed Norton anti-virus and the Internet was no longer working. Norton says it’s their Internet provider, their internet provider says it’s Norton and round and round they go…meanwhile, no internet.

 At any rate….She spied the pic of my stash and was appalled I would place a picture of our less-than-spotless garage on the world wide web. My response? Eh, it’s not that bad. We are complete opposites as far as tidy goes….and to me, eh…I just wanted to show the stash. The garage? Not all that bad in my sloppy opinion.  I just wanted to show my stash! Knitbloggers get it. Nonbloggers….don’t get it.

 I’m a little over half through the first ball of Noro for the Baby Genius Scarf…and I love it. Totally simple enough to watch TV or talk to others while knitting….just enough interest with the changing colors of the Noro and the interspersed slip stitches to keep me from getting bored. Not sure I made the best choice in colors for the Noro tho…There is a lot more gray in it that I realized…and paired with the gray Lamb’s’s very subtle at points. Overall tho, I love it which is good, cause it’s for me! Progress pics tomorrow, maybe, as I find this whole picture business a big old pain in the heinie. I’m getting faster, but it still takes a bit of time.



  1. normaknits said,

    It’s so true. Nonbloggers do NOT get it — any of it, really. I’ve given up trying to explain, and I certainly DON’T proselytize. It is what it is.

  2. Robbyn said,

    Lisa – try explaining even the concept of a blog to an almost-84-year-old man who feels that the internal combustion engine is new technology 🙂

    We get it darlin’ 🙂

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