Another Day….Another Dollar In The Hole

March 5, 2007 at 1:21 pm (Uncategorized)

That pretty much sums up my outlook this fine Monday morning.

 Actually, things could be much worse ~ I’m acutely aware of that. Women all over the world are dealing with sh*t much worse than I ever want to dream about and it’s very good to keep that in perspective. Cancer, loss of a child…yeah. THOSE are things to cry about. Filing bankruptcy? Eh, no big thing in comparison.

 Emotionally? It’s sorta hard. Today is the day I sign my “yes, please, help me get bankrupt!!” papers and make my first payment to the bankruptcy attorney.

 Before you say “oh girl, you don’t have to do that! surely there’s a way out…have you…..”

 Yes, I have. No, it didn’tsolve my issues. This IS the best choice and I agonized over it for weeks. Right now, it is the only choice that makes any logical sense. My ex-Prince Charming is $35,000 in the hole in child support and ten years of robbing Peter to pay Paul has caught up with me. I didn’t rack up credit card debt…it’s 90% medical that wasn’t insured and when you have kids with asthma… well, when you have kids at all, you can rack up some medical debt.

Hence, the knitting only from stash. Knitting? Oh, yeah, this IS a knitting blog and not a whining blog…let’s talk about knitting!!

 Still no pics of my Baby Genius Scarf ala Mason Dixon, but it’s probably about 18 inches…I really *will* take a pic and all that eventually. I’m in the foot of the sock on two circs…not much time to work on it, but I’m cramming in a couple a rows a day when I can…

 Here is where Faina sits, stalled patiently waiting for me to return her affection. Faina, she is a testament to my apparent ADD, for sure.

2007_0227image0054.JPG 2007_0227image0053.JPG

Okie Dokie sports fans…that’s it in a nutshell. Have yourself a great ol’ Monday!



  1. Robbyn said,

    Look at it this way – doesn’t actually doing something about it feel kinds good? Sometimes the solutions we get aren’t the ones we hoped for – but they have their good sides all the same.

    Congratulations on actually implementing a way to handle things instead of letting them pile up even further 🙂

    And Faina is looking splendid!

  2. normaknits said,

    Oh, crud. But onward and upward, I say. Faina IS looking great. did you join the Faina-along at JenLa?

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