Happy Birthday to….

March 7, 2007 at 1:17 pm (Uncategorized)

March seems to be full of birthdays…both the natal and bloggy type.

Here are a few near and dear to me…

Norma! Well, blog birthday anyway. Norma is one of my most favorite bloggers. So happy she’s been here for three whole years. Congratulations Norma!


Michelle….my youngest daughter, will turn 13 in a couple of days…. Wow. How’d that happen?

Me. I’ll be 43 on Sunday. Not real sure how THAT happened either.




  1. anj said,

    HAPPY HAPPY birthday to you!

  2. normaknits said,

    Happy Birthday to you!!! And daughter Michelle, too, of course. (she’s a beauty!)

    I know….how DO those years creep up on us?

  3. Robbyn said,

    Best wishes kiddo – have yourself a happy day – and lots of cake!

  4. margene said,

    May you and your daughter njoy your birthdays! Mine is next week;-)

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