My Mind Works In Strange Ways…

March 10, 2007 at 1:15 am (Uncategorized)

So….when Argosy came out in Winter Knitty…I barely glanced at it. I had no interest in it whatsover. My first thought was …… blech. I’ll be humble enough to tell you, I never even scrolled down. That first shot with the green Argosy? Turned me off completely.

 Then, killing time at work, surfing blogs….I saw a few Argosy that mildly interested me. Today, I checked it out again…and when I scrolled down and saw the Noro Silk Garden Lite…I caught my breath.

 THEN…I went to the designers blog….and saw this page…An Argosy wrap….an Argosy dishcloth!!

 And now I’m obsessed.

 Isn’t the power of color amazing? It’s sobering to realize how little imagination I apparently have…that I need to SEE things in color before I’m interested.

 Next week, Jodie flies home for the first time in two years to Louisiana…we jokingly call it the “food tour” as she insists you can’t get decent food here. I’ll be driving her to Portland International Airport and staying with an old friend overnight. I’ve looked around…and I’ll be checking out this yarn shop…..

Yup, I could go into Portland and visit Lint or the Yarn Garden….but I’m not much of a city driver and this is close to where I’ll  be staying….and they carry this. Need I say more?


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