Projects, birthday goodness, and “you did what?”

March 12, 2007 at 12:36 pm (Uncategorized)

Future Projects

I have lusted to knit several baby/toddler projects over the time I’ve been knitting….but have not really had anyone that age to knit FOR. Knitting for ‘someday’ grandchildren seems to me tempting fate when one has a 20, 18 and 13 year old. Let’s not play with fire, hmmm? I’ve tossed out a Baby Einstein….A Baby Surprise….and more recently the Kimono from MasonDixon knitting….but the cutie projects I wanted to try – well, who would I have knit them for?

 Enter, lovely baby “Sasha*.” She’s a doll, a total cutie pie. About 2 years old. I offered to her mom….and acquaintance in bellydance….that I’d love to make her something. In return, I got a very specific list of what would be enjoyed *cough* by Sasha. That she doesn’t look good in reds and pinks. That yeah, mom wouldn’t mind handwashing if it was a “really cool” item.  That variegated yarn is gross and unbecoming to little Sasha.

 I became a tad unnerved. If it wasn’t “cool” enough…if Sasha *cough, cough* didn’t like the color….oy. Now, I have no unrealistic need to make something for someone who won’t appreciate it. In fact, I think the work of making and FINISHING a size 2 sweater would be very good for my quest for self discipline….so in the end, it’s about the process (eh Margene?) not about whether Sasha’s mommie likes the finished project or not, tho that would be nice too.

 So…in an effort to ensure I don’t work for umpteen hours on something that will be unloved, I gave Mommie options from past and present Knitty offerings… specifically of projects I wanted to knit or at least was willing to knit and had Mommie choose two.

 The winners were Reid and Vestee. I’ve long admired Reid…but with no little girls in my life, there was no point. I’m not sure I’m not biting off more than I can chew however, so Vestee is the second choice. If Reid is past my abilities at this point, Vestee can come to the rescue. I also had Mommie pick out a color Sasha *cough* would be willing to wear…and she chose Viola. This will be a first knitting with Paton’s Grace…any tips?

*No, this isn’t her real name. Even tho people don’t know I knitblog, I’m not tempting fate further in case her mother can’t sleep someday and is overcome with a need to Google me and end up here….

Birthday Goodness and “You did what?” will have to be blog fodder for Wednesday dear readers…..I’ve taken up today’s blog time entirely already. Wednesday, pics of my birthday goodies and a story about how I actually ran over my own foot…yeah, in my car no less….scintillating, eh? I know you can hardly wait…



  1. Chris said,

    Belated happy birthday!!!

    Um, I don’t think I’d be knitting for Sasha with a mother that high maintenance…..

  2. lisa said,

    Hey, congratulations! You WON! (my 250th comment contest). And happy birthday to you. (Mine is next week!). I would totally skip knitting for Sasha…maybe a quickie lace cap or something. The Reid sweater is lovely, but, well, I’d go for something smaller if you weren’t sure she’d like it. Send me an email with your land address? I’ll get the Claudia out to you soon.

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