Can It Be Friday Now?

March 20, 2007 at 12:11 pm (Uncategorized)

You know it’s just plain sad when your first waking thought on a Tuesday is “God I wish it was Friday….”

 Today is crammed full…and I’m just not excited.

 7:15 a.m.  Meeting with 6th grade Drama Queen’s teachers. She is failing. The first term, I thought, okay – it’s a biiiiig leap from elementary school to middle school for a lot of kids. She’ll pick it up. Second term – Better in some spots….no better in too many other spots. It’s not that she isn’t learning or can’t learn…or even that she is s-l-o-w or has a learning disability. She is horridly unorganized (boy, the apple don’t fall far from the tree, sigh) and she doesn’t have her proverbial shit together. Stuff doesn’t get done till the last minute, then gets left at home and never turned in.  Her teachers are concerned. I’m concerned. She re-did the third grade. Best thing we ever did for her. She struggled before that, afterwards she was right on track and was actually a total star last year – top of the class. One teacher has put out the “wondering if we should hold her back” idea. I am NOT against this at all…it’s just we’ve already done it with her and geez, a 20-year-old senior? Not a good idea. I’m just not sure holding her back is the right choice – will it improve her disorganization? They aren’t pressing the issue, we’re simply talking about what we can do.

Work till 3 p.m. I like my job well enough – but I’ve been unmotivated. I think I have spring fever.

3:35 p.m.  5th grade Drama Queen conference. He’s doing okay academically….not so good emotionally. Pulling some behavior at school that he previously only reserved for the good folks at home. Sigh. He’s a great kid….who has a hairpin trigger temper and it’s never his fault in his eyes. I wonder a bit about some OCD tendencies….he can NOT handle it when his routine is disrupted – never has been able to deal well with that. Likes to sort stuff into categories… very particular about his “stuff”, which is not to say he is tidy, he’s not particularly…he just needs his stuff to be a certain way or he flips out.

 Say, I think I hear my hair graying. Is that possible? Mmmmm. Yep. I think it is.

4:30 p.m. Dance student till 5:30 p.m.

7:00 p.m. 7th grade Drama Queen’s orchestra concert.

 Not the Worst Day Ever or anything…just a lot for me.


What? You came here for knitting? Not whining, eh?? Damn. Okay…knitting.

Reid:  Reid is a lovely cardigan that will NOT be gracing “baby Sasha”, at least by my hands. I made it through oh…..six rows after a lot of effort. I would need a lot more quiet time to work on this than I remotely have. I have to pay attention to every single stitch or I’m in trouble. Duh. It’s lace. Why I imagined this was doable at this point in my life, I’ve no idea. For me, this is “heirloom knitting.” Do I have the time or desire to put in this kind of work for an acquaintance’s child? Uh, no. I guess that’s called a reality check. I’ll have to dig around in stash to see if I have the yarn or a good substitute for Vestee. Sasha’s mommie was very cool about it…and I was relieved when she went for the short-sleeved version of Vestee.

 Columbine Socks – These are the “lagoon” socks I’m knitting on two circs. Few more rows done….I’ve been working on little projects around the house while Jodie is gone as a surprise, so not too much knitting has been done.

 STR – Haven’t ordered it yet. Considering another Portland-area yarn shop that carries Blue Moon products. It’s in Lake Oswego – basically a suburb of Portland. I’ll probably be smart enough to CALL this time tho and find out….how much STR do you have in stock and is it ALL mustard yellow??

 Mostly, I’m making myself realize, I have a LOT of sock yarn. Ahem. I love sock yarn and my stash shows it. I could easily substitute any of what’s in my stash for RPM. I have several colorways of Lorna’s Laces and 3 or 4 options in handpainted sock yarn. I don’t NEED STR.

Well….I do…but only because I’m a sock yarn ho.



  1. Chris said,

    LOL about the sock yarn!!

    Sorry to hear about all kid troubles of yesterday. 😦

  2. lisa said,

    Whoa! Maybe DQ daughter can learn something from DQ son and vice-versa? Glad the nunny bunny story gave you a chuckle. Did the Claudia yarn arrive? OK, I’m thinking it is Friday because of your post!

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