In Which We Are Most Grateful It’s Friday

March 23, 2007 at 1:38 pm (Uncategorized)

Oh my.  What a week.

 Jodie was released from the hospital in Louisiana yesterday and will attempt to fly back to Oregon tomorrow. Let’s cross our fingers on that.

 I finished the Columbine socks! This is my first completed PAIR of socks ever! A Very Happy Moment indeed.

To celebrate…I cast on for RPM! However…not in the new Claudia Hand Paint from KnitNZU, but in some sock yarn gifted to me by Marie at KnittiMe a couple of years ago. The Claudia HP will be next…but it wasn’t wound and I needed to cast on NOW.  So I dug around in the sock yarn stash and the bright colors of the yarn Marie had gifted me with just spoke to me. After an ugly week…I need some cheer.

It was also a VERY good thing to really look at my sock yarn….because after deciding last week I really did have enough sock yarn and I could just hold my horses on some STR…I counted enough sock yarn in my stash to knit …oh…..about 22 pairs of socks.

Ahem. *blush* Obviously, I could wait awhile to purchase more sock yarn, don’t you think? Maybe I’ll make myself a deal….finish X pairs of socks and then I can reward myself with some STR. Something along those lines.

 Pictures next week when the camera comes home from Louisiana.



  1. Chris said,

    Only 22 pairs of socks? *nervous giggle* And you think that’s enough? Oh dear…

    I’m glad to hear that Jodie was released – fingers crossed that she’s home safe and sound tomorrow!!

  2. lisa said,

    Lisa! I just tagged you… (oh, and I have lots of sock yarn waiting around to be knit up too!)

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