Catching up to the speed of light

April 26, 2007 at 12:19 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit this…but that never stops me, does it?

 I’ve just discovered Google Reader. I know, the world was on bloglines many moon ago. I tried it..I signed up…I put in a list of blogs I wanted to follow………and I couldn’t ever make it quite work.

 No I am NOT a moron!                           

Well, maybe. But that’s beside the point.

Bored out of my mind at work the other day…I clicked on the “reader” tab above my gmail account. I played for 30 seconds…and hey, there’s the blog I tried to subscribe to! I’m not a moron anymore! It worked!

I’ve been literally typing in the blog address of where ever I wanted to go for all this time. Consequently…I’d frequently miss a post or *ahem* thirty. No more! Google Reader to the rescue! I’ll have to cash in on the marketing phenomenon Geico has going…”so simple a caveman could do it.”

Knitting? Yup.  Been quite a bit of that happening. It is National Lab Week…and since I work for a pathology lab, they’ve been springing for lunch this week – at noon. Since my lunch is from 11-12…I’ve been knitting that hour and eating at my desk after. Just started the fourth repeat on the hot pink Monkey sock. This really IS a pretty simple pattern…tho I’m not one of those who can add in “easily memorized.” K2 P2..THAT I can memorize. 11 rows? Uh, no.

Chris asked yesterday if I knit continental….suggesting it might loosen up my knitting to do so. The answer is….I can knit continental! errr…..the sticking point is I cannot PURL continental. It’s on my list of “must learn techniques.” I’m a thrower at heart….don’t really see that changing, honestly. I save the continental for fair isle and that’s about it, tho indeed, it IS on the must learn list.


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Learning new things…

April 24, 2007 at 12:21 pm (Uncategorized)

I wound the CTH supersock into a ball a day or so ago. Nope, I don’t have a swift or a winder….so I’m frequently freaking lazy about getting stuff wound. However, the DQ 21st birthday is June 6 so I felt I should get cracking on the socks. While winding it up….I was really amazed by how soft it was….this is my first experience with CTH and I’m more than a little smitten.

Cast on for the Monkey socks yesterday. The rib is a twisted rib and was new to me…I really LIKE the way it looks compared to standard K1 P1 rib. Had a false start when I realized I’d created a literal hole at one join and I ripped back to it…but couldn’t pick up the stitches and finally just ripped the whole thing and started again.

 After yesterdays whining thoughts about SSK and tight knitting Chris remarked I might think about pointier needles as well as going up in needle size…..which brings me to thoughts of gauge. I have a really hard time getting gauge…..ever. Occassionally I’ll get lucky, but for the most part it takes a lot of dinking around (i.e. swatching) and annoys the crap out of me. I know, I know….how do I know it will FIT if I don’t do a gauge swatch? Mostly I don’t do stuff where it matters and I just give it to someone else if it does matter.

 On these socks, however, it does matter. Ms. DQ#1 has the aforementioned Healthy Feet…size 8.5-9 which truly is not all that big now….but they are WIDE. These socks will NOT be a surprise because I’ll be fitting them on her as I go to make sure they fit.

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FO’s ….. new yarn….and a work in progress

April 22, 2007 at 5:18 pm (Uncategorized)

The RPM socks for DQ #2, on her feet no less….

RPM socks

Awesome pattern…I’ll be doing these again for sure.

Currently on the needles….The River Rapids socks

River Rapid Socks  

This pattern uses a heel I’ve not tried before, an Eye of Partrige heel. I’m totally smitten with the way it looks/feels. The only difficulty I’ve encountered with these socks so far (well, besides the first couple of wonky rows, which I was talked into just learning from and leaving…) is my nemisis..the SSK. I understand it perfectly. The issue is when you knit so bleeping tight as I do AND have a tendency to knit right on the tips of the needles….getting the SSK accomplished without popping stitches off the needle can be a challenge – especially on size 1 Addis (why YES, i did find them, thank you! Where??? Right where I put them. Literally. I have two small bins of sock yarn. I looked in the wrong one – which would be why I couldn’t find them. Yup. It was me all along. Why am I not surprised at this…..). I’m getting to about 50% odds of making the SSK first time now that I’m done with the leg. Perhaps by the time I’m done with the pair, I’ll have a better ratio of success.

New HOT pink CTH Supersock for DQ #1 birthday socks and a finished (unblocked) Ballband Dish cloth 

  MD Ballband dishcloth and Hot Pink CTH for DQ#1 birthday socks

 I’m leaning heavily toward Monkey by Cookie A for the birthday socks. The crazy part of me that wants to do things that require much more quiet time/concentration than what I currently possess keeps looking at much more intricate patterns….but I think the Monkey Socks would be doable…nice looking and perhaps not insanity producing….Perhaps.

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Maybe I Should Change My Name…

April 20, 2007 at 2:38 pm (Uncategorized)

To Sahara McCrabbyPants Knits.

 My Dutch Brothers “Dutch Freeze” was….not frozen. In fact, it was barely cold. I didn’t taste it till I was pulling in to work…5 minutes late already. My “Friday treat” was more of a trick.

No caffiene makes for a most crabby Sahara. I’ll have to wander down to the soda machine later and hope the “soda guy” has been around…we’ve been out of diet soda for…ahem…a long time. (Edited to add, as I feared no diet. I’m drinking a “real” Pespi and I’m sure to be bouncing off the walls soon….)

 Knitting? Yup, there’s been knitting here at chez Sahara Knits. I’m on the third round of the MDK Ballband Warshrag….

 And a day or two ago, I cast on for the River Rapids socks in stashed sock yarn with no label. I goobered (technical term) the first couple of pattern rows. Because it was hard? Uh…no. Wish I could say it was…but no, it was because my brain just didn’t compute properly.  The pattern says “P1, blah blah blah, P1, repeat”. My brain cut out that last P1…somehow thinking (or not thinking as the case may be) that it was referring to the first P1.

This is rather embarrassing because not only is the pattern charted, it’s also written out. Duh.

 I’d decided to just leave it. It’s 2 rows. Really now, it couldn’t make much difference could it??

Needless to say, it bugs the hell outta me. It makes the first pattern repeat lean funny. I’m almost through the second repeat (16 rows you know…) and I decided last night, I’m ripping it. I’ll never be happy with it – the wonky start will just annoy me to death every time I see it.

 That’s made me a bit crabby I ‘spose too.

In happier news….I decided to order DQ#1’s sock yarn. She wanted hot pink. She chose the LL Vera from my stash because it was the ONLY yarn with a bit of hot pink, not because she loved it. I found some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid in HOT PINK  (and my, it is HOT pink) at Simply Socks Yarn Company on sale for $13…and well, it’s coming to live at my house. I’d show you a pic of the actual stuff, but apparently I got the last one cause I can’t find it on the website anymore….

 I have NO BUSINESS buying yarn right now….but well I did it. It is her 21st birthday and it is my present to her..the socks. I want them to be “just right.” I’ve been looking at patterns a lot…and while patterns like Cookie A.’s Baudelaire  and Clessidra really attract me…I don’t know I can do those without making myself completely, irrevocable Insane with a capital I.

Lastly….for something completely off the subject….curly hair. Nope, not me, DQ#3. At 13, she has partially straight, some wavy and some downright kinky curly hair. Myself, having straight hair, I have had no clues what to do for her. I found this website…devoted to all things curly. Beings as I’ve always WANTED curly hair, it fascinates me immensely.

Being 13 and hating your hair? Pretty common. Having hair that is this hard to “do” anything with has just made it sooo much harder. Hopefully, some of the suggestions there will help us both.

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Oh dear…an unsettling realization

April 17, 2007 at 12:20 pm (Uncategorized)

I have quite a bit of Lorna’s Laces sock yarn ~ well, quite a bit to me, anyway. Enough for 7, 8 or more pairs. After finishing the Easter egg RPMs…I set my oldest Drama Queen before my sock yarn bins and said, pick one and I’ll make you a pair of socks! She chose LL – Vera. I happily set out to cast on the River Rapids socks.

 I don’t like it. I don’t like the LL. It’s thin and loosely twisted. I’m sure there’s a real word to describe that ~ but for me, it translates into….I don’t like it. Granted, I was using a size 2 needle and perhaps on a size 1 I’ll like the resulting fabric better…maybe?? However, DQ#1 has….er….healthy feet, lol. Size 8.5…sometimes a 9. I know if I go down in needle size, any hope of that pattern fitting her is lost.

 I could use my Handy Patterns for knitters or whatever the bleepity it’s called, and make her a more generic, ribbed kinda sock….but did I mention I don’t like the yarn??

 Of course I looked for my Addi 1’s to try them….and they weren’t where they should be. Nor were they where they shouldn’t have been. They weren’t…anywhere. At least, anywhere I looked in 30 minutes or so of increasing agitation, irritation,  er… paranoia that once again someone has been messing with my stuff!!!!!    ……..   curiousity.

 Hmm. Perhaps in light of said agitation….I should give the LL another go in a calmer moment. I will of course, because A) I have a lot of it and B) It’s what she chose.

You know, when I find my size 1 addis. Grrrrrr.

Let me be frank about why there are no FO pics of the RPM socks. In order to get the pictures, I need to sit down and load the pics to the computer. Not hard, but I’m tech challenged so that means following the instructions step by step. One of the things I’d have to do first is crawl around under the desk and get the printer unhooked and the cord for the camera plugged in. Then, I’d have to deal with the computer bitch notifiy me that I am out of disc space…again. I’d have to dink around getting stuff in the recycle bin, blah blah blah, run the defrag, blah blah blah. Then I’d need to resize the photos and all that…and then I could post the pics.

You’re talking to a woman who has very little time to herself…hey, that is KNITTING time I’d be using to wallow around under the computer desk after all…..and a woman who is a bit on the edge for numerous reasons…the least of which is NOT that she can’t find her size 1 addis.

So…no pics for you today. I took ’em. They’ll come along eventually, when I’m in a much, much better mood.

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April 15, 2007 at 1:13 pm (Uncategorized)

No, I didn’t post twice, edited to fix the code for the link ~ Sorry!

Found at KnitNZu….and made me laugh: 

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Venerable Lady Sahara the Amicable of Bampton Underhoop
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

 In other news…I’m about half way through the foot on the second RPM sock…I think of them as The Easter Socks because that’s what the colors remind me of, easter eggs.

 Been contemplating the very real possibility I have some form of ADD. Coming to acceptance with it…you know the first steps for me are to joke about it…let my mind get a grip on it…then accept it.

 Just saw:  TransAmerica. Excellent, excellent movie. Very funny… very real.

 Just read:  Dead Witch Walking.  Again, excellent. Funny…different…I’ll be checking out more of her work.

 Just dug out:  Simple Socks, Plain and Fancy. Realized this method is NOT for me. I can admire it…but I’m realizing I don’t have what it takes for DPNs, much less FIVE DPNs, and that I really don’t enjoy the short-row heel unless I am closeted in complete silence without distration on a very good day. I love the toe, but again….that ADD thing? I am so easily distracted it’s just a lesson in punishment when I try it. I’m a pattern girl. Give me a freaking pattern. TELL ME WHAT TO DO! Percentages? Measuring and calculating??

The bane of my knitting existence, frankly. When I learned to knit (with a Lion Brand scarf and hat kit, incidentally), I was thrilled. It resonates so deeply for me, the repetitive hand movement, color, texture….Then as I got past the scarf stage and wanted to do more…the Math hit me. I’m sure it would be very comical to have a little video of my face and reaction the day I figured out “oh God…this is Math!” That’s a verbatim quote as I recall.

 Math? Not me. Words, yes! Math? Numbers? No. I suspect this is why I also don’t enjoy chart knitting much, tho I’ve gotten past that for small projects.

 I’ve been looking at Destash and Good Yarn Karma quite a bit…thinking they would be excellent ways to rid myself of some unwanted stash…and possibly books too…tho I’ll be in Portland at the end of the month and..well….I’m in love with Powell’s. Books are more likely to go there.

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I’m Still Standing…..

April 11, 2007 at 2:13 pm (Uncategorized)

I know, where have I been??

 Just busy…you know……dance stuff. The usual.

 But I’ve been knitting!! The first RPM sock is off the needles, toe grafted perfectly this time I might add…and ends woven in. Bit small for me, but perfect for Drama Queen #2, who I’ve owed a pair of socks to for many  moon. When I first started my sock adventure, she asked for a pair. I got oh….3/4 through one, promised to her…and it fell to the wayside. I’ve already cast on the second and I’m in the second repeat of the leg…so here’s hoping I can finish the durned thing and make my promise good!

 I’ve got sock fever in a big way…looking around for the next pattern, I found these the River Rapids Socks at Sock Bug’s place. They don’t appear too difficult, yet there’s enough going on to keep my ADD in check ~ I think. 🙂 I tend to go for these really intricate projects that require much more concentration than I have time for in my life currently. When I choose projects with no interest however….I get bored right out of the starting gate. These look like they might just fit the bill. Anyone knit them before? I’m not sure which yarn I’ll use for them yet…I’d like to get into that Claudia’s Handpaint from KnitNZu…but I don’t have a ball winder and I’m lazy, lol. We’ll see.

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