Oh dear…an unsettling realization

April 17, 2007 at 12:20 pm (Uncategorized)

I have quite a bit of Lorna’s Laces sock yarn ~ well, quite a bit to me, anyway. Enough for 7, 8 or more pairs. After finishing the Easter egg RPMs…I set my oldest Drama Queen before my sock yarn bins and said, pick one and I’ll make you a pair of socks! She chose LL – Vera. I happily set out to cast on the River Rapids socks.

 I don’t like it. I don’t like the LL. It’s thin and loosely twisted. I’m sure there’s a real word to describe that ~ but for me, it translates into….I don’t like it. Granted, I was using a size 2 needle and perhaps on a size 1 I’ll like the resulting fabric better…maybe?? However, DQ#1 has….er….healthy feet, lol. Size 8.5…sometimes a 9. I know if I go down in needle size, any hope of that pattern fitting her is lost.

 I could use my Handy Patterns for knitters or whatever the bleepity it’s called, and make her a more generic, ribbed kinda sock….but did I mention I don’t like the yarn??

 Of course I looked for my Addi 1’s to try them….and they weren’t where they should be. Nor were they where they shouldn’t have been. They weren’t…anywhere. At least, anywhere I looked in 30 minutes or so of increasing agitation, irritation,  er… paranoia that once again someone has been messing with my stuff!!!!!    ……..   curiousity.

 Hmm. Perhaps in light of said agitation….I should give the LL another go in a calmer moment. I will of course, because A) I have a lot of it and B) It’s what she chose.

You know, when I find my size 1 addis. Grrrrrr.

Let me be frank about why there are no FO pics of the RPM socks. In order to get the pictures, I need to sit down and load the pics to the computer. Not hard, but I’m tech challenged so that means following the instructions step by step. One of the things I’d have to do first is crawl around under the desk and get the printer unhooked and the cord for the camera plugged in. Then, I’d have to deal with the computer bitch notifiy me that I am out of disc space…again. I’d have to dink around getting stuff in the recycle bin, blah blah blah, run the defrag, blah blah blah. Then I’d need to resize the photos and all that…and then I could post the pics.

You’re talking to a woman who has very little time to herself…hey, that is KNITTING time I’d be using to wallow around under the computer desk after all…..and a woman who is a bit on the edge for numerous reasons…the least of which is NOT that she can’t find her size 1 addis.

So…no pics for you today. I took ’em. They’ll come along eventually, when I’m in a much, much better mood.



  1. lisa said,

    Maybe you need a new computer, that is faster and friendlier? And has the usb ports on the front? Is DQ old enough to do the tech stuff for you? She could consider it partial payment for knitting her socks on yarn you are not especially fond of!

  2. Chris said,

    I bet you’ll like the LL much better on 1s. The only LL I’ve used was from before Lorna sold the company, so I’m not sure if it’s comparable. I think it was heavier…

    Ack! If my computer was that frustrating, I wouldn’t include many pictures, either!

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