Maybe I Should Change My Name…

April 20, 2007 at 2:38 pm (Uncategorized)

To Sahara McCrabbyPants Knits.

 My Dutch Brothers “Dutch Freeze” was….not frozen. In fact, it was barely cold. I didn’t taste it till I was pulling in to work…5 minutes late already. My “Friday treat” was more of a trick.

No caffiene makes for a most crabby Sahara. I’ll have to wander down to the soda machine later and hope the “soda guy” has been around…we’ve been out of diet soda for…ahem…a long time. (Edited to add, as I feared no diet. I’m drinking a “real” Pespi and I’m sure to be bouncing off the walls soon….)

 Knitting? Yup, there’s been knitting here at chez Sahara Knits. I’m on the third round of the MDK Ballband Warshrag….

 And a day or two ago, I cast on for the River Rapids socks in stashed sock yarn with no label. I goobered (technical term) the first couple of pattern rows. Because it was hard? Uh…no. Wish I could say it was…but no, it was because my brain just didn’t compute properly.  The pattern says “P1, blah blah blah, P1, repeat”. My brain cut out that last P1…somehow thinking (or not thinking as the case may be) that it was referring to the first P1.

This is rather embarrassing because not only is the pattern charted, it’s also written out. Duh.

 I’d decided to just leave it. It’s 2 rows. Really now, it couldn’t make much difference could it??

Needless to say, it bugs the hell outta me. It makes the first pattern repeat lean funny. I’m almost through the second repeat (16 rows you know…) and I decided last night, I’m ripping it. I’ll never be happy with it – the wonky start will just annoy me to death every time I see it.

 That’s made me a bit crabby I ‘spose too.

In happier news….I decided to order DQ#1’s sock yarn. She wanted hot pink. She chose the LL Vera from my stash because it was the ONLY yarn with a bit of hot pink, not because she loved it. I found some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid in HOT PINK  (and my, it is HOT pink) at Simply Socks Yarn Company on sale for $13…and well, it’s coming to live at my house. I’d show you a pic of the actual stuff, but apparently I got the last one cause I can’t find it on the website anymore….

 I have NO BUSINESS buying yarn right now….but well I did it. It is her 21st birthday and it is my present to her..the socks. I want them to be “just right.” I’ve been looking at patterns a lot…and while patterns like Cookie A.’s Baudelaire  and Clessidra really attract me…I don’t know I can do those without making myself completely, irrevocable Insane with a capital I.

Lastly….for something completely off the subject….curly hair. Nope, not me, DQ#3. At 13, she has partially straight, some wavy and some downright kinky curly hair. Myself, having straight hair, I have had no clues what to do for her. I found this website…devoted to all things curly. Beings as I’ve always WANTED curly hair, it fascinates me immensely.

Being 13 and hating your hair? Pretty common. Having hair that is this hard to “do” anything with has just made it sooo much harder. Hopefully, some of the suggestions there will help us both.


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  1. Chris said,

    Hmm, I think I’ll grant you a do-over on today. 🙂

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