FO’s ….. new yarn….and a work in progress

April 22, 2007 at 5:18 pm (Uncategorized)

The RPM socks for DQ #2, on her feet no less….

RPM socks

Awesome pattern…I’ll be doing these again for sure.

Currently on the needles….The River Rapids socks

River Rapid Socks  

This pattern uses a heel I’ve not tried before, an Eye of Partrige heel. I’m totally smitten with the way it looks/feels. The only difficulty I’ve encountered with these socks so far (well, besides the first couple of wonky rows, which I was talked into just learning from and leaving…) is my nemisis..the SSK. I understand it perfectly. The issue is when you knit so bleeping tight as I do AND have a tendency to knit right on the tips of the needles….getting the SSK accomplished without popping stitches off the needle can be a challenge – especially on size 1 Addis (why YES, i did find them, thank you! Where??? Right where I put them. Literally. I have two small bins of sock yarn. I looked in the wrong one – which would be why I couldn’t find them. Yup. It was me all along. Why am I not surprised at this…..). I’m getting to about 50% odds of making the SSK first time now that I’m done with the leg. Perhaps by the time I’m done with the pair, I’ll have a better ratio of success.

New HOT pink CTH Supersock for DQ #1 birthday socks and a finished (unblocked) Ballband Dish cloth 

  MD Ballband dishcloth and Hot Pink CTH for DQ#1 birthday socks

 I’m leaning heavily toward Monkey by Cookie A for the birthday socks. The crazy part of me that wants to do things that require much more quiet time/concentration than what I currently possess keeps looking at much more intricate patterns….but I think the Monkey Socks would be doable…nice looking and perhaps not insanity producing….Perhaps.



  1. lisa said,

    I’ve seen that eye of partridge heel around in blogland someplace and thought, wow, is that nice! Got to try it sometime. The rpm socks look great!

  2. Chris said,

    The RPMs turned out great!!

    Would pointier needles help your SSK woes?

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