Learning new things…

April 24, 2007 at 12:21 pm (Uncategorized)

I wound the CTH supersock into a ball a day or so ago. Nope, I don’t have a swift or a winder….so I’m frequently freaking lazy about getting stuff wound. However, the DQ 21st birthday is June 6 so I felt I should get cracking on the socks. While winding it up….I was really amazed by how soft it was….this is my first experience with CTH and I’m more than a little smitten.

Cast on for the Monkey socks yesterday. The rib is a twisted rib and was new to me…I really LIKE the way it looks compared to standard K1 P1 rib. Had a false start when I realized I’d created a literal hole at one join and I ripped back to it…but couldn’t pick up the stitches and finally just ripped the whole thing and started again.

 After yesterdays whining thoughts about SSK and tight knitting Chris remarked I might think about pointier needles as well as going up in needle size…..which brings me to thoughts of gauge. I have a really hard time getting gauge…..ever. Occassionally I’ll get lucky, but for the most part it takes a lot of dinking around (i.e. swatching) and annoys the crap out of me. I know, I know….how do I know it will FIT if I don’t do a gauge swatch? Mostly I don’t do stuff where it matters and I just give it to someone else if it does matter.

 On these socks, however, it does matter. Ms. DQ#1 has the aforementioned Healthy Feet…size 8.5-9 which truly is not all that big now….but they are WIDE. These socks will NOT be a surprise because I’ll be fitting them on her as I go to make sure they fit.



  1. lisa said,

    Good for you…try them on as you go!

  2. Chris said,

    I think as you knit more, you get a sense of where you should start when swatching. For example, I knit loosely. I know that I should just start swatching at 1-2 needle sizes less than the needle size suggested on the ball band to save myself frustration.

    Do you knit English or continental? Changing to continental REALLY loosened up my gauge. Fewer tight shoulder muscles from knitting, too!

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