Catching up to the speed of light

April 26, 2007 at 12:19 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit this…but that never stops me, does it?

 I’ve just discovered Google Reader. I know, the world was on bloglines many moon ago. I tried it..I signed up…I put in a list of blogs I wanted to follow………and I couldn’t ever make it quite work.

 No I am NOT a moron!                           

Well, maybe. But that’s beside the point.

Bored out of my mind at work the other day…I clicked on the “reader” tab above my gmail account. I played for 30 seconds…and hey, there’s the blog I tried to subscribe to! I’m not a moron anymore! It worked!

I’ve been literally typing in the blog address of where ever I wanted to go for all this time. Consequently…I’d frequently miss a post or *ahem* thirty. No more! Google Reader to the rescue! I’ll have to cash in on the marketing phenomenon Geico has going…”so simple a caveman could do it.”

Knitting? Yup.  Been quite a bit of that happening. It is National Lab Week…and since I work for a pathology lab, they’ve been springing for lunch this week – at noon. Since my lunch is from 11-12…I’ve been knitting that hour and eating at my desk after. Just started the fourth repeat on the hot pink Monkey sock. This really IS a pretty simple pattern…tho I’m not one of those who can add in “easily memorized.” K2 P2..THAT I can memorize. 11 rows? Uh, no.

Chris asked yesterday if I knit continental….suggesting it might loosen up my knitting to do so. The answer is….I can knit continental! errr…..the sticking point is I cannot PURL continental. It’s on my list of “must learn techniques.” I’m a thrower at heart….don’t really see that changing, honestly. I save the continental for fair isle and that’s about it, tho indeed, it IS on the must learn list.



  1. Chris said,

    Google Reader drives me nuts. But others love it – and I’m glad it works for you!! The tool to get the job done, eh?

    Heh, purling continental is the challenge. I can’t even remember how to do “real” continental purling, because I hated it so much and it was SO non-intuitive. However, Norwegian purling is really cool:

    There’s also a video for combined purling – but that has limited application, since it leaves the stitch mounted backwards and you have to knit into the back of the stitch to untwist it.

    Um, yeah, sorry, this is one of those things that totally fascinates me….

  2. lisa said,

    Yeah, I have a hard time purling continental too. Have you thought about that ‘knitting in the back backwards’ thing?? I haven’t tried it yet…

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