I Should Be More Careful What I Ask For…

May 31, 2007 at 2:02 pm (Uncategorized)

I grumbled to myself yesterday that I wish I had more knitting time.

 The knitting pixies were listening apparently…I recieved a couple hours of knitting time…sitting with the asthmatic Drama Queen #3 in ER last night, sigh. It’s that time of year…pollen and gunk in the air…and she’s out of control…again. She’s home…on Prednisone, yuck…and I’m hoping to see a huge improvement in her or I fear we’ll be spending more time in the ER. Listen knit pixies…yeah, I had knit time – but guys, it’s pretty expensive knit time and I think I made more mistakes than usual. Don’t grant that wish that way again, okay??

 And just to firm up what a great day yesterday was in case you wondered…Jodie is now unemployed. It was not a good fit from the “git go” and it’s not a surprise…but …yeah. Happy Thursday, sigh.


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Random Wednesday

May 30, 2007 at 2:15 pm (Uncategorized)

Lovely long weekend…even tho I did have to work a bit both Saturday and Sunday…still very nice to have the majority of it off.

 Not a single stitch was knit, however, so no news to report there. I still haven’t grafted the toe on the hot pink Sailor’s Rib sock…MUSTdo that soon or else. Did I mention I cast on a “socklette” in the Tropical Storm CTH supersock I got from Destash?? Jodie likes short socks, so I’m experimenting with taking elements I like from More Sensational Knitted Socks and making one up. I’m at the point of picking up the gusset stitches…

 I also have a ballband dishcloth waiting in the wings, it gets a few rows every once in awhile. With the good weather, end of school year events, dance stuff heating up to boiling, time is running through my fingers like water.

 I read the Yarn Harlot’s post on her daughter Amanda’s 18th birthday and it literally brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I am tootaking my meds…it’s just she so eloquently expressed my feelings…Drama Queen #2 graduates from high school next week and I have so many emotions and thoughts I can’t express…Her post said so many of them.

 Wedding planning continues apace. Can you say time consuming and wallet draining?? Oy.

 I’ve been playing with Henna again…a summertime favorite for me. Henna is the bomb…artistic…unique…fun. This page is an incredible resource for anyone curious.

Now…back to work. Sigh. Waaaay too much of that going on.

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The Truth Comes Out…

May 22, 2007 at 1:41 pm (Uncategorized)

So, I wanted to knit a pair of socks for Jodie. I had the blue sock yarn in my stash and she often quotes the “Steel Magnolias” (filmed in her hometown of Nachitoches, Louisiana no less) “Blue IS my signature color”….so I began looking for a pattern for Jodie’s socks. I had come across the River Rapids pattern and it looked like a good option for me to knit ~ i.e. not too hard but enough interest to keep me going. I cast on…and after the first repeat I said “Um….are these too lacy for you?” and she said “No, they’re fine.” Now, Jodie is very much of the butch persuasion. After the second pattern repeat and a try on…I said….”Are you SURE these aren’t too lacy for you?” and again, “no, they’re great!”

I sort of began to like them less and less for various reasons….but thought eh, she likes ’em, I’ll just keep on.

 Last night, when I admitted my defeat of willpower and showed the newly cast on sock (using that yummy Dream in Color sock yarn previously posted about)…Jodie says something to the effect of…”As long as you save that NEW BLUE YARN FOR ME! I love that yarn! I like that yarn a LOT better than the one you’re knitting my socks out of….” Where upon the truth came out…she’s not overly enamored of the River Rapids either. They just aren’t HER.

 Frankly, it’s a relief. I shoulda trusted my instincts. I do like the yarn and I’ll use it for something else.

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Hooray for the Weekend!

May 21, 2007 at 12:33 pm (Uncategorized)



WIP and Destash goodie!

Knitting content first:

On the left, the Sailor’s Rib in CTH hot pink Supersock….Center, the CTH supersock Tropical Storm I got from Destash, and on the R, Jodie’s River Rapids sock. I accidentally deleted the pic of the ill-fated Monkey sock. I’m so annoyed at myself I can hardly stand it – but too late to do anything about it. 

Very much in love with the Tropical Storm….kept taking it out to admire and fondle yesterday, lol. Now that I’m learning Magic Loop…dying to cast on using the method. Trying to restrain myself – I think THREE socks in progress might be a tad much for someone with Second Sock Syndrome.

I also did wash the tiny tube of sock yarn and while it didn’t felt…it did get hairy … really hairy. It sorta grossed me out to be honest. it’s going back in the stash with the hairy little tube attached to prevent me from having to go through that process again.


Above you see our homemade wedding invitation. Fun…inexpensive…and time consuming. The wedding is just about a month away….and we’re starting to scramble.

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No Clever Title For Me….

May 16, 2007 at 12:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Far too much work and little play has left your intrepid knitter with no title, witty or otherwise.


  • Yesterday at lunch, I came home, sat in front of the computer and taught myself how to do Magic Loop knitting by following a video clip at Knittinghelp.com. Took one try too…excellent instructions (and a quiet house) made it an easy experience. I have a long Inox I’ve been wanting to try to knit socks with….and now I know how. Unfortunately, it’s a size 2 and not the size 1 I thought it was….I’ll have to save it for those thicker sock yarns in my stash, as I suddenly really dislike the thinner sock yarns knit in anything above a size 1.
  • The Sailor’s Rib sock is temporarily stalled, pending receipt of a moment to try it on the intended foot. I think it’s *just* to the point of needing to start the toe decreases…but I don’t want to guess.
  • Jodie’s River Rapids sock is completely on hold while I work away on the Sailor’s Rib…which is uh….stalled.
  • I have a batch of sock yarn in the stash, hand dyed, with no ball band. I have no clue if it’s superwash so I’m using the Inox and working up a little gauge tube as practice and when I’m done, I’ll throw it in the washer and see what happens. It’s the only way I can think of to figure out if it’s superwash. Other suggestions welcome!
  • It appears The Constitution Party here in my fair state has begun their campaign to raise the signatures needed to put the domestic partnership recently signed to a vote. This quote from them annoys, angers, saddens, and frustrates me to no end:

“…a clear attempt by the ungodly to deconstruct America’s Christian based social order in favor of pagan and heathen immorality, and should be vigorously and diligently opposed.”

  • Whether they do so or not is moot to me. I’m getting married June 23! Plans so far include:  East Indian theme….I am a bellydancer after all! Color….lots and lots of color. Jodie and I will both wear Indian-themed wedding clothes, and while I had originally planned on a sari…I changed my mind to a “salwar kameez” (long tunic over pants) style. We’re being married by Mezdulene, a wonderful dancer who is also an ordained minister. Several dancer friends will perform at the reception…we’re having a potluck reception (yeah, tacky but cheap!), and we’ll rock out to the 70’s and 80’s music Jodie and I love. No gifts… there will be a money tree to enable us to have a day or two at the Oregon coast later in the summer.
  • Very lastly, I had an unpleasant “you’re going to hell” kinda comment the other day. obviously NOT a knitter, lol. Curious, I went to their blog…where they ranted about their probation officer and being muslim. Just so you know, they aren’t invited to the wedding either, lol. They’ve also been banned from commenting again.

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I don’t wanna and you can’t make me…

May 11, 2007 at 2:24 pm (Uncategorized)

Gawd…will this week ever end?

 Work is insane…did I tell you, we finally fired the Most Annoying Coworker. A relief, to be sure, but added workload as well. 

 Add to the too much work thing…I’m feeling pretty yucko. Just not myself…nauseaous..achy…blech. I was treated to lunch at a local fish place yesterday…and it was bar none the greasiest food I’ve eaten in ages. I’ve felt horrid ever since. Can I blame the fish? I dunno, but I am…

 I finally got something on Destash! Usually, by the time I get to it…it’s gone. Not so this time…I’m so enamored of CTH Supersock that when I saw some come up, I inquired…and I actually got it! Woot!

The Sailor’s Rib socks are nearing the end of the gusset. I’m only getting to knit on them during my breaks lately, so it’s going s-l-o-w. I feel my ADD kicking in when I realize …. I have to knit a second one. Sigh. Hoping to get some time in on it this weekend…but I also have to work.

 Pictures? What are those? Oh…yeah…maybe, MAYBE this weekend.

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Where’d last week go?

May 9, 2007 at 1:27 pm (Uncategorized)

Sadly…I’m not sure!

 Let’s see…knitting:  The Sailor’s Rib sock will FIT! Hooray! Just picked up the gusset stitches and starting the decreases. I got to the pick up stitches point at work, when I had inconveniently forgotten my main knitting bag and had no stitch markers. The directions were a bit different than my limited experience with two circs. You were to knit part of the instep stitches AND pick up the gussett for one side and part of the heel on one needle and the rest on the other side…which required stitch markers. Did I have stitch markers? Nary a one. Not even any yarn to make do with. The “I can’t stop now with 30 minutes on my lunch left!” feeling prevailed and I simply repeated to myself again and again…”I know what I’m doing here!” and I simply did it…my way. I prefer to keep the instep on one needle and the rest on the other…so that’s what I did and …it worked by golly.

 For experienced knitters, no big deal. For me? Deal. Big deal. I am a follow-the-directions kinda gal. It marked another step in the “be the boss of your knitting” skillz for me and made me very happy.

I also broke away from the pattern in that I didn’t want to carry the rib pattern down the heel as shown…I wanted an eye of partrige heel – so that’s what I did. I always really, REALLY admire when I read blogs where they write “and I didn’t care for ** so I reworked the pattern to ***”.

 There are a couple rows that are incorrect in the leg of the sock…seen quite late in the program…late enough that I decided to let them be, consider them a learning experience and move on.

Life:  The youngest Drama Queen turns 11 Monday. We’ll be having a Spiderman Birthday Bash on Saturday….Drama Queen #2 prepares to graduate from High School on June 6, which also happens to be the Reigning Drama Queen’s 21st birthday. Lots of excitement coming up, eh? Add to that….

 June 23, Jodie and I are getting married. Nope, it’s not quite legal in Oregon yet…but that’s not the point for either of us. It’s about the heart…not about legalities. Domestic partnership has recently been passed here and the bill is on it’s way to the Governor to sign…tho I’m sure there will be hitches and glitches as those who see gay marriage as a threat to their own marriage are rabidly working to get it thrown out.  Jodie and I have been deep in planning the last few weeks and it’s all starting to come together.

Life is very busy. Life is good.

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Summer of Socks!

May 3, 2007 at 1:56 pm (Uncategorized)

How I love the idea….Summer of Socks 2007.

 How well I know myself…that the very second I hit the “send” button to join….I’ll lose all interest and then just feel guilty about it. So I’ve subscribed to the feed and I’ll live vicariously through those participating.

 The Sailor’s Rib sock continues….four very easy rows. I’m thinking it will fit, tho I’ll have to snag the receipient and have them give it a try, just in case.

For lack of better posting material…here’s a recent addition to stash. It was a Very Difficult Day and I did what I have not done in literally MONTHS….I drove to the LYS and purchased yarn to make socks for me. While this picture does not do it justice, here it is: Dreaming in Color sock yarn in Wisterious. I’m still scouting about for the pattern I want to use…probably something out of More Sensational Knitted Socks…but not necessarily.

 Today is day 4 of no sugar. Yesterday, I was at the white knuckle, crawling out of my skin stage. The Annoying Coworker had no clue she was risking her life…Today, I’m hoping for a bit more serenity in my dealings with her.

Cause you know, if I kill her…they’ll put me in jail and take away my knitting needles.

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In which all is made right again…for the moment

May 2, 2007 at 8:19 pm (Uncategorized)

 Within the last 24 hours I:

  • Have had to rip out the new hot pink sock. I’d just cast on for it using the rumpled, wavy frogged yarn and after about three inches, I couldn’t stand it anymore…it just looked like crap, frankly. So…I ripped it, and recast on with smooth yarn. Much happier with the result and I’m *almost* back to where I was when I ripped. Chris’ observation that I’m “getting my money’s worth” out of the yarn actually made me laugh…now there is a positive attitude!
  • Locked my keys and cell phone in my car…again. I know, I probably hold a record or something, as this is like the third time in three months.
  • Consumed zero sugar in just over two days. Yeah, yeah, I know…there’s sugar you can’t see in things..but this is a huge deal for me….perhaps the success part of it is that I’ve consumed no sugar AND I’ve killed no one in that time frame. This also means I’ve had no coffee and when you think about that fact AND the fact I haven’t killed anyone (not that I haven’t wanted to, mind you..), well, that’s really quite a success.

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In The Words Of The Immortal Scooby….

May 1, 2007 at 12:24 pm (Uncategorized)

Ruh Roh.

 The Monkey sock…she don’ fit. I was close to the last repeat on the leg and had a chance for Drama Queen #1 to try it on. She got it on…by force. Too small. She said “I’ll MAKE it work!” I said, “I don’t want to knit you socks that sit in a drawer because they’re too small or worse yet wear out too soon from the stress of having to force them on and off. Let’s start over!”

 so..I took a pic and I’ll show you next time the camera gets unloaded.

 We were in The City over the weekend and as previously mentioned…we went to “Book Mecca” ~ Powell’s City of Books. Me? I could easily stay in Powell’s a half day or better…it’s THAT big. But…it was the end of the day and the 10 and 13 yo Drama Queens were done. So we weren’t there nearly long enough to satisfy my book craving. I did come home with this tho, and this and this too.

So…The Monkey sock got frogged and re-cast on as the “Sailor’s Rib” sock from More Sensational Knitted Socks. I had 30 seconds to 10 year old overtired meltdown and stood with the original in one hand and the “More” in the other. Saw the telltale signs of meltdown and just thrust one back onto the shelf – Now I’m not so sure I don’t wish it wasn’t the first one…but alas, too late. I need to get it spiral bound…It will ruin it trying to make it lay flat….And for $28 new ( a lot of $ to me), I don’t want to ruin it.

Sigh, running late again….I’ve decided to cut out sugar. This is akin to a crack head swearing off the good stuff. It also means…no coffee….cause I drink my coffee SWEET.

I should probably apologize to those who will have to deal with me ahead of time, eh? Right now, the Diet Coke? It isn’t cutting it. Send sympathy.

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