Where’d last week go?

May 9, 2007 at 1:27 pm (Uncategorized)

Sadly…I’m not sure!

 Let’s see…knitting:  The Sailor’s Rib sock will FIT! Hooray! Just picked up the gusset stitches and starting the decreases. I got to the pick up stitches point at work, when I had inconveniently forgotten my main knitting bag and had no stitch markers. The directions were a bit different than my limited experience with two circs. You were to knit part of the instep stitches AND pick up the gussett for one side and part of the heel on one needle and the rest on the other side…which required stitch markers. Did I have stitch markers? Nary a one. Not even any yarn to make do with. The “I can’t stop now with 30 minutes on my lunch left!” feeling prevailed and I simply repeated to myself again and again…”I know what I’m doing here!” and I simply did it…my way. I prefer to keep the instep on one needle and the rest on the other…so that’s what I did and …it worked by golly.

 For experienced knitters, no big deal. For me? Deal. Big deal. I am a follow-the-directions kinda gal. It marked another step in the “be the boss of your knitting” skillz for me and made me very happy.

I also broke away from the pattern in that I didn’t want to carry the rib pattern down the heel as shown…I wanted an eye of partrige heel – so that’s what I did. I always really, REALLY admire when I read blogs where they write “and I didn’t care for ** so I reworked the pattern to ***”.

 There are a couple rows that are incorrect in the leg of the sock…seen quite late in the program…late enough that I decided to let them be, consider them a learning experience and move on.

Life:  The youngest Drama Queen turns 11 Monday. We’ll be having a Spiderman Birthday Bash on Saturday….Drama Queen #2 prepares to graduate from High School on June 6, which also happens to be the Reigning Drama Queen’s 21st birthday. Lots of excitement coming up, eh? Add to that….

 June 23, Jodie and I are getting married. Nope, it’s not quite legal in Oregon yet…but that’s not the point for either of us. It’s about the heart…not about legalities. Domestic partnership has recently been passed here and the bill is on it’s way to the Governor to sign…tho I’m sure there will be hitches and glitches as those who see gay marriage as a threat to their own marriage are rabidly working to get it thrown out.  Jodie and I have been deep in planning the last few weeks and it’s all starting to come together.

Life is very busy. Life is good.



  1. Chris said,

    Congratulations to you and Jodie!!! Very, very cool.

    And it sounds like you’re showing that sock who’s boss and how. 🙂

    Lots going on! Good stuff tho. Yay!

  2. anj said,

    holy crap. So I am reading along about your great growth in knitting.. then all the of the events coming up and yu blindside me with a wedding!!


    Congrats ladies. Sue and I send you all our love.

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