No Clever Title For Me….

May 16, 2007 at 12:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Far too much work and little play has left your intrepid knitter with no title, witty or otherwise.


  • Yesterday at lunch, I came home, sat in front of the computer and taught myself how to do Magic Loop knitting by following a video clip at Took one try too…excellent instructions (and a quiet house) made it an easy experience. I have a long Inox I’ve been wanting to try to knit socks with….and now I know how. Unfortunately, it’s a size 2 and not the size 1 I thought it was….I’ll have to save it for those thicker sock yarns in my stash, as I suddenly really dislike the thinner sock yarns knit in anything above a size 1.
  • The Sailor’s Rib sock is temporarily stalled, pending receipt of a moment to try it on the intended foot. I think it’s *just* to the point of needing to start the toe decreases…but I don’t want to guess.
  • Jodie’s River Rapids sock is completely on hold while I work away on the Sailor’s Rib…which is uh….stalled.
  • I have a batch of sock yarn in the stash, hand dyed, with no ball band. I have no clue if it’s superwash so I’m using the Inox and working up a little gauge tube as practice and when I’m done, I’ll throw it in the washer and see what happens. It’s the only way I can think of to figure out if it’s superwash. Other suggestions welcome!
  • It appears The Constitution Party here in my fair state has begun their campaign to raise the signatures needed to put the domestic partnership recently signed to a vote. This quote from them annoys, angers, saddens, and frustrates me to no end:

“…a clear attempt by the ungodly to deconstruct America’s Christian based social order in favor of pagan and heathen immorality, and should be vigorously and diligently opposed.”

  • Whether they do so or not is moot to me. I’m getting married June 23! Plans so far include:  East Indian theme….I am a bellydancer after all! Color….lots and lots of color. Jodie and I will both wear Indian-themed wedding clothes, and while I had originally planned on a sari…I changed my mind to a “salwar kameez” (long tunic over pants) style. We’re being married by Mezdulene, a wonderful dancer who is also an ordained minister. Several dancer friends will perform at the reception…we’re having a potluck reception (yeah, tacky but cheap!), and we’ll rock out to the 70’s and 80’s music Jodie and I love. No gifts… there will be a money tree to enable us to have a day or two at the Oregon coast later in the summer.
  • Very lastly, I had an unpleasant “you’re going to hell” kinda comment the other day. obviously NOT a knitter, lol. Curious, I went to their blog…where they ranted about their probation officer and being muslim. Just so you know, they aren’t invited to the wedding either, lol. They’ve also been banned from commenting again.


  1. Chris said,

    You could take a little bit of the yarn and try felting it by hand, as if you were going to make a spit splice or something… compare the results to a little bit of cascade 220 or lamb’s pride or something that you know felts. I’m talking maybe a few inches of yarn, not an entire tube!! 🙂

    That quote makes me very angry – and very scared. Really, I don’t want to live in the Handmaid’s Tale sort of world that these religious extremists want to take us into.

  2. Amy said,

    If you’re going to hell, I’ll meet you there. 🙂

  3. Caroline said,

    America’s “CHRISTIAN based social order”, huh? What ever happend to freedom of religion? I really hate it when people try and control what other people think..which I kind of think they do in that quote (I totally support domestic partnerships).

  4. Robbyn said,

    Congratulations, my dear 🙂 Please post lots of pictures of the wedding and the happy couple! I wish you both much joy.

    Oh, and I *love* your choice of wedding clothes! Absolutely dynamite 🙂

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