I Should Be More Careful What I Ask For…

May 31, 2007 at 2:02 pm (Uncategorized)

I grumbled to myself yesterday that I wish I had more knitting time.

 The knitting pixies were listening apparently…I recieved a couple hours of knitting time…sitting with the asthmatic Drama Queen #3 in ER last night, sigh. It’s that time of year…pollen and gunk in the air…and she’s out of control…again. She’s home…on Prednisone, yuck…and I’m hoping to see a huge improvement in her or I fear we’ll be spending more time in the ER. Listen knit pixies…yeah, I had knit time – but guys, it’s pretty expensive knit time and I think I made more mistakes than usual. Don’t grant that wish that way again, okay??

 And just to firm up what a great day yesterday was in case you wondered…Jodie is now unemployed. It was not a good fit from the “git go” and it’s not a surprise…but …yeah. Happy Thursday, sigh.



  1. colin said,

    I had to read twice before I understood you were not watching ER on tv!
    And yes, there are better ways of getting knitting time…..

  2. Chris said,

    Oh no!! 😦 Sorry to hear about Jodie and DQ3.

  3. lisa said,

    oooh…hope things improve for you all! Have you seen neil med sinus rinse kits? I think they are supposed to help for all kinds of respiratory gunk related things. Just got one, is easier than a neti pot.

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