Yet Another Monday…

August 27, 2007 at 4:27 pm (Uncategorized)

In the long, long string of Monday mornings that make up our lives.

 It is slow as molasses here at work, I can’t afford to take any time off and I am bored stupid.

 But hey, that means I actually have time to post!

 Let’s see, I believe I’ve finished this summers 6t or 7th ballband dishcloth…I’m making sets of 2 to go in baskets with Bath and Body Works hand soaps I got on sale as Christmas gifts…probably with some other doodad or other in there as well. It’s all the knitting I have time and patience for at this point.

 Finished a very small quilted door hanger project, a fall angel with oak leaves for wings. It’s a very small bag which I put some silk sunflowers in and hung on my front door.

 Read a new-to-me author over the weekend, Karen Moning. The first installment of the Fever Series, Darkfever, was such a nice diversion I couldn’t put it down. The next installment comes in October and I’m rather eagerly awaiting it!

 Lastly, two new family members have joined our ranks. Jack and Bear are guinea pigs. They are about 6 weeks old…both male…and very, very cute. I won’t even pretend they are the children’s pets…they’re not, they’re mostly mine! Guinea pigs (or cavies) are very peaceful, sweet little pets. They aren’t the smartest things in the pet realm, but they are very soothing, fun and pleasant. Pics …one of these days.



  1. Ryan said,

    Just catching up on some blog reading…and now I’m wondering how a girl gets to see pictures of the wedding. Huh? How? Huh? Pleeeeeeze?

    Oh, and before I forget, congratulations!

  2. Chris said,

    Aww, they sound sweet! Pictures!! Pictures!!! (Such agitating blog readers are we…)

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