While I Wait For Knitter’s Almanac to Arrive…

December 24, 2007 at 2:55 pm (Uncategorized)

I downloaded Koolhaus to keep me busy. Can I just say how pleased I am that IK put it up for purchase as a single pattern? Works great for those like me who don’t subscribe – because they knit something out of it maybe 1-2 x a year. I know..the articles…the style…blah blah. I just don’t use them enough to warrant a subscription or usually even a purchase . I have PLENTY of worsted in the stash to make several of these if I like the pattern…and it seems from webland that many people like it enough to knit it more than once so….we shall see.

 I finished the baby genius scarf last night, needs the ends woven and needs to soak and be blocked. I like it well enough…tho I still think it needed more contrast than the yarns I chose. I’m considering knitting a second and actually already have the yarn…but then I saw several pics of Brooklyn Tweed’s newest Noro scarf…the one in two colors of Noro and in a 1 x 1 rib…I love that scarf. I mean I seriously love it. There’s only one problem….I do not see myself FINISHING a 5 or 6 foot scarf in 1 x 1 rib. I just know myself better than that. So I will likely stick with another baby genius.

 Wow. Can I just say, can Jared knit or WHAT? I also printed off the Red Light Hat pattern…because I have a LOT of Rowan yarn I purchased for the ill-fated idea I was going to make a Starmore vest….You know the movie Meet The Robinsons? There is a running joke through the movie where the villan is told several times he didn’t think this plan out too well…well, that is the Starmore. Like my attention span is remotely close to doing anything Starmore, sheesh! But, truthfully I didn’t really know that then. Boy do I know it now.

And, since I am working on money issues….stash knitting it is. I owe a couple people $…and it sits very poorly with me. It was circumstance and necessity and it is what it is….but it blocks me emotionally and creatively and weighs on my heart. So…I’ve just been making up my mind to pay them off and that’s what I’m doing, albeit a lot slower than I would like. So….STASH KNITTING!! Hoo RAH! 🙂



  1. Chris said,

    Go stash knitting! Go! 🙂 I think knitting a scarf in 1×1 rib would crush the spirit out of me, too.

  2. Jeanne said,

    Good luck with your stash knitting. I”m not doing so well, personally.

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