Well, of course!

December 27, 2007 at 3:19 pm (Uncategorized)

Went to the doc yesterday about the “allergy” problem I’m having with my eye(s). Nope, it’s not allergies or pink eye..it’s a minor staph infection. I was lectured ad nauseum for letting it go as long as I had …. “Pain is your body’s signal something is WRONG and you should seek help…not that you should try all sorts of other things and finally when the pain is too much then seek medical attention!” Ahem. I think he was annoyed with me.  So now I’m on dandy antibiotics and told if it is not much improved in a week to bring myself back into his office thankyouverymuchyoucrappypatient!

 So…I got through the ribbing on Koolhaus and started row 1 of the cable chart this a.m. It’s not hard, really. I “get” it. I just can’t seem to concentrate very well at all right now and my son was on a talking jag…and I balled it up and stuffed it in my bag. Brought it to work…hopefully break time will be quieter and I can fix my attention on something for more than 30 seconds…

 Finally finished reading the preliminary stuff before the “meat” of week 1 in The Artist’s Way. It’s a lot to digest. Like the 7 Habits…I find that yeah…I could read it pretty fast…but I seem to need to take it slower for retention and application.

 One of my cool gifts was a small photo frame/LED digital picture frame..you know, you put the memory card from your camera in and it plays your pictures? I put my memory card in…and there are pictures in there from oh….May. That’s how long it’s been since I downloaded any pics off my camera. OY. Now that I have a new computer I’ll have to load the camera software on it and get on the ball…



  1. Chris said,

    Oh, bummer about the eye infection! Cool about the digital frame, tho.

  2. Jeanne said,

    I’m with you – trying to fix it yourself first, and only go to the doctor in desperation. Which reminds me – I need to make an appointment.

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