Once again, not enough contrast….

January 10, 2008 at 4:53 pm (Uncategorized)

When I made the baby genius scarf, I realized I did not have enough contrast between the gray of the Lamb’s Pride I chose and the Kureyon I picked…it’s lovely, but I wanted more contrast.

 So when I purchased more Lamb’s Pride and Kureyon, I thought I did much better.

 Cast on the for Fake Isle Hat from MagKnits..and was shown I had been mistaken. The lovely olivey-green “Oregano” LP seemed like a great contrast and there was just a tiny hint of green in the noro….but when I began the stranded part of the hat wouldn’t you know that is EXACTLY where that little hint of green showed up, making the fair isle part look….sorta muddy.

 Next time:  BLACK. Or GRAY. Or some color that is not even IN the noro! Live and learn…again.

 I can say I am happier with the two-colored knitting part than I was on the Norweigian mitten I tried… my color work looked like CRAP on that mitten and I wondered if I was “stranded challenged”…but the hat looks great as far as the knitting goes.

 That’s it. That’s all that’s fit to print knit wise. I’m working on dance stuff hot and heavy again, and working on losing weight.

Which seems pretty insurmountable. However, a FREE site which is absolutely awesome is sparkpeople.com. Did I mention FREE?? It is an awesome site…better than Biggest Loser (for which I PAID and was disappointed….). So I have the tools, now I just need to DO what I need to DO.



  1. Chris said,

    I think I’d probably end up with low contrast myself!!

  2. Jeanne said,

    I have the same problem with those sort of color contract situations. I always think one of the colors has to match, but when it does, you lose the effect.

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