A little knitting…but not enough

March 4, 2008 at 3:03 pm (Uncategorized)

I started a second “Fake Isle” hat…this time with PLENTY O’ Contrast! Black and a Noro with NO BLACK or anything close. Very pretty…and going very slowly. I started it on a flying trip to Seattle….the aunt from my June trip? Well…the chemo didn’t do the job and she is dying. So, I took my two oldest daughters and we went for the weekend to see her. It was soooooo emotional. Wow. I haven’t had anyone die in a really long time and someone I love so much to see her in so much pain….yeah. So I started the hat on the trip and haven’t had much heart to pick it up, but I will.

 The first Fake Isle that was muddy from not enough contrast? What about it? Well, it sits because it is at the point of needing to go on DPN’s and I ….. have to find the right size. This takes more effort than I have to put out right now.

 What I really NEED to be working on is my daughter’s second hot pink sock that was supposed to be done LAST JUNE….The guilt is getting to me and I’ll be digging this out soon I think, if I could just find some TIME…

 Working full time, teaching, running two troupes, trying to be a mom to two junior high kids…sleep? What’s that?

Pretty excited for my son…he has no men in his life, literally, but those at school and an 11 year old boy needs men around. We signed him up for Big Brother months ago, but they had a shortage of men for the Big Brother part of it…but last week we were contacted and they had a match….and not only a match, but he picked Mike because he was also a Little Brother in the program as a kid…and he had a lesbian mom. He said “I looked at his profile…..and that was ME as a kid”. So, this looks to be a really great match for Mike. Here’s hoping. We all meet tonight for pizza and this will be Mike’s first meeting with him.

 That’s it folks. That’s my life. Oh….and the new Kim Harrison- “The Outlaw Demon Wails” and I am slowly savoring it..it took too long to get here!


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