A VERY overdue post and picture

April 8, 2008 at 3:49 pm (Uncategorized)

finally gave up and purchased a replacement camera cord so I could download the pics off my camera.

This is long, long overdue. I won a prize at Chez Stumbling Over Chaos many, many moon ago. She sent me a FABULOUS box O’ goodies. Here it is: 

It contained one thing I’ve wanted a long time: A sheep measuring tape. I love it like no other. It also contained fabulous orange/black kitty socks, and a compliation of cat songs on CD not to mention, some very fun sock yarn.

Fabulous, no??

Me? Uh…home sick. Flu/cold/crud of some kind.  I tried knitting a dog sweater, which of course I had to fart around with and try to make it fit Bijou now in puppyhood, and of course it doesn’t. Got on Ravelry for the first time in MONTHS and yet again, I am astounded by the artistry of the people there.

Now, I’m tired again. Been up a good 20 minutes and I think I might die. So I’ll go back to bed. I’ll post again, you know….eventually. 🙂



  1. Chris said,

    I hope you feel better very, very soon! I’m glad you liked the goodies! 🙂

  2. Jeanne said,

    Feel better soon.

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