Almost done…

August 25, 2008 at 3:33 pm (Uncategorized)

The first toe-up sock is almost done…I finished the heel flap over the weekend at the coast and now it’s the cuff. There won’t be much of a cuff, maybe 2 inches if I’m lucky. The yarn has dwindled to a VERY small ball.

I’ve been thinking about the fiddly part I don’t like – picking up a stitch each row on the heel flap on the 2 circs made me nutty. I could leave them on the heel needle instead of switching them to the instep needle as directed and then I wouldn’t have to transfer one stich at the end of each row 34 times. Of course, that would mean I would really have to pay attention to what I was doing – something I’m not always sure of doing – but it bears consideration in the light of dreading it on the second sock.

All in all, I’m very happy with the way the toe-up sock was knit and the way it fits, not to mention feeling much more secure I wasn’t going to run out of yarn 20 rows from completion!

The coast was stunning Saturday – warm, sunny, beautiful weather. Our dancing was not so stunning, the music cut out on us three times and – it wasn’t pretty. But all in all, a great getaway just the same!


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Fiddley knitting

August 22, 2008 at 1:21 pm (Uncategorized)

Is fiddley a word? Dunno, but it describes it. I finished the gusset increases on the toe-up sock…then the heel extension and now I’m on the heel flap. Since I’m following a pattern written for 4 dpn with 2 circs, the part about slipping a stitch from the other needle at the end of each row is very fiddlely indeed.

Could I have just chosen a two-circ pattern for a toe up? Well, no. That would have been simpler and God knows I don’t like simple or uncomplicated. It seemed quite easy to convert to 2 circs and actually, it has been pretty easy up until the “move x stitches from needles 1 and 2 to needles blah and blah”…which then you know, required me to THINK. Right now, knitting is my only relaxation and down time and I don’t wanna have to fire up the ol’ brain too much to do it.

But..I figured it all out with only minor cussage and overall, I really like the toe up method.

I’m extremely glad I did try it with this yarn, as the remaining ball is getting very small, and I’m suspecting I’m going to have an anklet rather than a full-size sock when it ends. If I’d started from the top….I don’t think it would have been pretty.

Leaving for the coast tonight – we’re dancing in a bellydance show Saturday night in Lincoln City. I am totally excited about getting away from town, away from the young ‘uns, and even not being responsible for the dog!

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Continuing on with the toe up sock

August 19, 2008 at 2:08 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m now midway through the gusset on my first toe-up sock. This sock has been sort of cobbled together using More Sensational Knitted Socks and the “You’re putting me on” socks.

I’m finding the MSKS book is not as specific as I apparently need….when I got to the point where I felt I needed to start the gusset, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the instructions, so I turned back to the other pattern and went from there.

The biggest reason I chose to try a toe up sock was the yarn…it was a beautiful prize I won quite some time back…but there is less than 200 yards per hank. While I know the few socks I’ve finished have taken *about* 200 or less, I did not want to have the anxiety of wondering if I was going to run out of yarn! Besides, I needed to learn something new.

So… a few rows a day or so is all I’m really getting done on the sock, but it feels GOOD to be knitting again! It also feels really good to be knitting for ME. I am so bad about knitting for others and never myself. Right now, my job is stressful, my life is packed, and I don’t feel like there’s a whole lot out there that I’m doing for ME…so this is a good thing.

I’ve also come to the sad conclusion that tho I’ve fought it, I’m happier with socks knit on size 1 or so. The instant gratifier in me really wants to knit socks on 2 or 3’s….but for one, I have a lot of pretty fine sock yarn that will not translate well at being knit that loosely and for another, I prefer the look of a smaller stitch as well. So…I’ll be purchasing a pair of size 1 addi circs for that purpose – when I finish these socks! I need the incentive to finish them, and finish BOTH of them and buying the needles will be it.

On a non-knitting note, school can not start soon enough – The children and their bickering are on my very last nerve. Whew!

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Writing a post every four months whether I need to or not….

August 11, 2008 at 2:28 pm (Uncategorized)

Wow, time does fly. Has it flown by with knitting? H*ll no. It’s flown by with work and bellydance and oh yeah, my family, in that order.

However, I decided that no matter what, when I had some spare time I was going to knit, period! I’d planned on starting some stocking stuffers….I loved the purse-size kleenex cozy things  I had seen during a very brief period of looking at knitting on the web. Chrishad linked to the pattern..uh, a long time ago and I wrote and asked her for the link again. She obliged (bless you Chris! Here I drop out of the blue after MONTHS…and you reply swiftly anyway. You rock). I saw the pattern suggested sock yarn…of which, ahem, you know I have a few hanks of. Mmmm, maybe enough for 20 or more pairs of socks. So yeah, I have sock yarn.

I went out and began delving into the bins of sock yarn…..and thought, wow, I really wanted to knit socks. And I’m not doing it. Oh, here’s this yarn I won in a blog contest…here’s that yarn I fell in love with and had to have…you know, for socks.

So I went in the house and looked at my sock books. Mind you, I’ve finished ONE pair of socks in the last two years. ONE pair. Let’s not discuss how many I’ve began, however. I sat and thought for a bit. What do I really want?

I want to try to knit toe-up socks for ME. So I went back to Chris’s site  and looked, sure enough there on her sidebar was a link for toe up socks (I KNEW there would be!). I finagled around with the figure-8 cast on a few times…stomped my feet and gnashed my teeth a bit…and then… it worked! Once the toe was completed….I went back to the books at hand and decided on the Decorative Rib from More Sensational Socks. I knit and knit…and I have a toe and a few rows done.

Felt good. Felt really, really good actually. I have to schedule knitting time in, period. It relaxes me…it increases my creativity. Why so easy to shove it aside then?

Good question.

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