Writing a post every four months whether I need to or not….

August 11, 2008 at 2:28 pm (Uncategorized)

Wow, time does fly. Has it flown by with knitting? H*ll no. It’s flown by with work and bellydance and oh yeah, my family, in that order.

However, I decided that no matter what, when I had some spare time I was going to knit, period! I’d planned on starting some stocking stuffers….I loved the purse-size kleenex cozy things  I had seen during a very brief period of looking at knitting on the web. Chrishad linked to the pattern..uh, a long time ago and I wrote and asked her for the link again. She obliged (bless you Chris! Here I drop out of the blue after MONTHS…and you reply swiftly anyway. You rock). I saw the pattern suggested sock yarn…of which, ahem, you know I have a few hanks of. Mmmm, maybe enough for 20 or more pairs of socks. So yeah, I have sock yarn.

I went out and began delving into the bins of sock yarn…..and thought, wow, I really wanted to knit socks. And I’m not doing it. Oh, here’s this yarn I won in a blog contest…here’s that yarn I fell in love with and had to have…you know, for socks.

So I went in the house and looked at my sock books. Mind you, I’ve finished ONE pair of socks in the last two years. ONE pair. Let’s not discuss how many I’ve began, however. I sat and thought for a bit. What do I really want?

I want to try to knit toe-up socks for ME. So I went back to Chris’s site  and looked, sure enough there on her sidebar was a link for toe up socks (I KNEW there would be!). I finagled around with the figure-8 cast on a few times…stomped my feet and gnashed my teeth a bit…and then… it worked! Once the toe was completed….I went back to the books at hand and decided on the Decorative Rib from More Sensational Socks. I knit and knit…and I have a toe and a few rows done.

Felt good. Felt really, really good actually. I have to schedule knitting time in, period. It relaxes me…it increases my creativity. Why so easy to shove it aside then?

Good question.


1 Comment

  1. Chris said,

    Yay!!!!!!!!! Wearing socks you knit yourself is an awesome thing.

    And of course you are totally welcome. 🙂

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