Continuing on with the toe up sock

August 19, 2008 at 2:08 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m now midway through the gusset on my first toe-up sock. This sock has been sort of cobbled together using More Sensational Knitted Socks and the “You’re putting me on” socks.

I’m finding the MSKS book is not as specific as I apparently need….when I got to the point where I felt I needed to start the gusset, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the instructions, so I turned back to the other pattern and went from there.

The biggest reason I chose to try a toe up sock was the yarn…it was a beautiful prize I won quite some time back…but there is less than 200 yards per hank. While I know the few socks I’ve finished have taken *about* 200 or less, I did not want to have the anxiety of wondering if I was going to run out of yarn! Besides, I needed to learn something new.

So… a few rows a day or so is all I’m really getting done on the sock, but it feels GOOD to be knitting again! It also feels really good to be knitting for ME. I am so bad about knitting for others and never myself. Right now, my job is stressful, my life is packed, and I don’t feel like there’s a whole lot out there that I’m doing for ME…so this is a good thing.

I’ve also come to the sad conclusion that tho I’ve fought it, I’m happier with socks knit on size 1 or so. The instant gratifier in me really wants to knit socks on 2 or 3’s….but for one, I have a lot of pretty fine sock yarn that will not translate well at being knit that loosely and for another, I prefer the look of a smaller stitch as well. So…I’ll be purchasing a pair of size 1 addi circs for that purpose – when I finish these socks! I need the incentive to finish them, and finish BOTH of them and buying the needles will be it.

On a non-knitting note, school can not start soon enough – The children and their bickering are on my very last nerve. Whew!


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  1. Chris said,

    Go, you!! 🙂 Glad to hear that knitting for yourself is hitting the spot.

    I’ve discovered that I actually like the KnitPicks circulars more than the Addis – plus they’re a lot cheaper.

    When does school start? I’m amazed at the variety of start dates I see across the country.

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