Fiddley knitting

August 22, 2008 at 1:21 pm (Uncategorized)

Is fiddley a word? Dunno, but it describes it. I finished the gusset increases on the toe-up sock…then the heel extension and now I’m on the heel flap. Since I’m following a pattern written for 4 dpn with 2 circs, the part about slipping a stitch from the other needle at the end of each row is very fiddlely indeed.

Could I have just chosen a two-circ pattern for a toe up? Well, no. That would have been simpler and God knows I don’t like simple or uncomplicated. It seemed quite easy to convert to 2 circs and actually, it has been pretty easy up until the “move x stitches from needles 1 and 2 to needles blah and blah”…which then you know, required me to THINK. Right now, knitting is my only relaxation and down time and I don’t wanna have to fire up the ol’ brain too much to do it.

But..I figured it all out with only minor cussage and overall, I really like the toe up method.

I’m extremely glad I did try it with this yarn, as the remaining ball is getting very small, and I’m suspecting I’m going to have an anklet rather than a full-size sock when it ends. If I’d started from the top….I don’t think it would have been pretty.

Leaving for the coast tonight – we’re dancing in a bellydance show Saturday night in Lincoln City. I am totally excited about getting away from town, away from the young ‘uns, and even not being responsible for the dog!


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  1. Chris said,

    I think it’s “fiddly” – at least, the spellcheck doesn’t complain about that! Oh, yeah, I use two circs, too, and I do remember doing the conversions/adjustments to the pattern, too. Have fun on your break! 🙂

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