I finished something

October 10, 2008 at 8:22 pm (Uncategorized)

A knit something actually. Don’t faint, it’s true! It’s a rather ugly little dog sweater. Jodie took pics and I’ll see about downloading them this weekend. I made myself finish it ’cause Mr Bijou Man was shivering like he ws dying don’t ya know…

I used a nasty acrylic kinda yarn – name forgotten at the moment – that knotted up constantly in the center of the skein till I thought I would lose my mind or it would have been done earlier I think.

Now…I need to finish my socks. My mind is racing about OTHER things I want to knit tho…so I’m not sure if I’ll go the route of self discipline and finish the socks or leap with abandon into a new project. We shall see.

Reading “Knitting Rules” which I snagged on our last trip to Powell’s…yes, the trip where we blew a tire on the freeway just off one of the bridges where there was NO WHERE to go. That was a fun one.

But anyway, “Knitting Rules”….love it. I hang my head in shame and admit, this is the first Harlot book I’ve read. I love her writing on her blog…why have I resisted thus far? Who knows, but I’m enjoying it very much.

There. I’ve posted. I’ve knit something again. It’s Friday. It’s all good.


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