Ugly Knitting

December 16, 2008 at 10:58 pm (Uncategorized)

So I finished up the hat and love it…tho I wish I’d made it a little longer. Oh well, next time.

I decided it was such an easy pattern and I’d had so much fun knitting it, that I would knit it for the christmas basket my work is doing. There is a little girl and I thought, hey why not? So I dug around in my stash and found an odd ball of Lion Brand wool called Autumn Sunset  …a variegated in pinks and purples with a splash of orange and blue-green. It looed festive if nothing else.

I began knitting and the more I knit, the less I liked it. This is some UGLY yarn.  Little girl might get teased for wearing such an ugly hat,. So I thought, okay, I’ll just put it in the homeless box! Thecold is causing so many problems for the homeless right now since we are in the single digits…then I imagined the homeless person getting the hat and saying “yeah, they give all the ugly stuff to us..”

Sigh. I have a hard time pushing through on stuff I don’t like. I’m just under an inch into this hat and it may well be the end of it.


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  1. Chris said,

    Hmm – maybe someone will like the crazy colors?!

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